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Ladies‘ Fantasies Club – acoustic rock // alternative pop from Belgium,
with lyrics between romance and irony. Not only for ladies!

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Influenced by bands and musicians like The Strokes, The Cure (acoustic), The Love Substitutes or even his former band Pan!c TV, Jean-Yves Szmida started Ladies‘ Fantasies Club in late 2013 as a solo project (singer-songwriter) and was joined by Joshua Cremer on the drums/percussions in 2014.

2017: Hats (buy single)
2016: Something’s Wrong (buy single)
2015: Promises (EP)

Gig history:
Since the beginning and up to the end of the year 2017, Ladies‘ Fantasies Club played some 70 gigs (solo or duo) in Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria and England.

Also heard on the tv-show De Regel van 3s on the flemish tv channel VRT.