We are very happy because today is the release day for our new video „Something’s Wrong“.

We want to thank everybody who helps us to make this possible. (All details in the video description)

Dany G. www.danygallo.com
Timo M. www.millitzfilm.com
Jan. P. www.kinocorso.be
ArsVitha Kulturforum St. Vith (Jan P.) www.arsvitha.be

We’d be very thankful when you tell us what you think about it, like it, share it on your favourite social media, write a comment, or tell Santa that we’ve worked very hard on this song/video.

Peace & love


Listen, stream or buy our first EP „Promises“ here:

Our gig in Bremerhaven had been cancelled!!!

04. Sept. 2015-Musikcafé, Schmidtheim (DE)
24. Oct. 2015-Triangel Musiknacht, St.Vith (BE)
07. Nov. 2015-Musicpub Dublin, Bremerhaven (DE)

We’re back from England…and it was realy awesome…go and check this Video „London Phone Box session“…